What is physiotherapy?

Simply stated, physiotherapy is the treatment of deficits and disease without the use of medications.  Physiotherapy is useful for the majority of injuries and ailments one might suffer.  The goal of our physiotherapists is to reduce your symptoms and allow you to return to function in a timely manner.  If you are unsure if your condition is appropriate for physiotherapy, please feel free to contact us.


Does OHIP cover physiotherapy?

No, unfortunately physiotherapy was de-listed in 2005.  Some Designated Physiotherapy Centres remain (which can bill through OHIP), though the locations and availability are limited, and there are very strict regulations on who qualifies for this type of treatment.


Will my private insurance cover the cost of this treatment?

All of our treatments are provided by regulated Physiotherapists, so if your insurance covers physiotherapy, you should be covered.  Each individual plan varies in terms of types and amounts of coverage, so if you are concerned it might be best to contact your insurer.


How do I pay for your services?

We accept cash, cheque, and debit as forms of payment (sorry no credit cards).  It is expected that you pay at the end of your session, at which time you will be provided with an invoice.  If you have insurance, you can then submit the invoice to your insurer for reimbursement.


Do I need a doctor’s referral to come and see you?

No, you do not.  As primary health care practitioners, we often see people prior to them seeing their doctor.  Please note that some insurance companies still require a doctor’s referral prior to reimbursing you for physiotherapy services.


What if my injuries are as a result of a motor vehicle accident or workplace injury?

At South Simcoe Physiotherapy we do treat people who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents (MVA).  If you are booking an initial assessment as a result of a MVA, here is some of the information we will need:

  •  Date of accident
  • Claim number
  • Adjuster’s name and contact information
  • Private health insurance information (if applicable)
  • Area of injury

We are able to direct bill your motor vehicle insurance, but please note that all of your private health insurance must be used prior to accessing your motor vehicle insurance.  These rules are mandated by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario and not our clinic.

Workplace injury (WSIB):  we often treat people as a result of a workplace injury, however, we do not bill WSIB directly.  If your injury is part of a WSIB claim, you are expected to pay just as other clients and then submit your invoices to WSIB.


What do I need to wear for my assessment?

It is important for your physiotherapist to be able to view the area that they are treating.  Typically it is safe to assume that athletic shorts and a t-shirt would be appropriate, though in some cases a tank top, sports bra etc. may be required.  It is also important that you are comfortable in your assessment, so if you are not, please let us know.


How do I book an assessment?

You can request an appointment by filling out the Appointment Request form.  You can also phone and speak to one of our receptionists.