I recently read an interesting article on About.com which summarized a study evaluating the effectiveness of botox for plantar fasciitis type pain.  The study was a small randomized controlled trial that compared botox to cortisone in the treatment of plantar fasciitis type pain.


The study found that botox was more effective than cortisone for pain relief and recovery and that it did not have the same (rare) side effects as cortisone which include rupture of the plantar fascia and the loss of fat pad (though this likely only happens in cases where the same area has been repeatedly injected).  The study did also stress the importance of stretching as prescribed by your physiotherapist in conjunction with the injection.


I should note that this was an American study and I do not believe that this is common practice in Canada.  Botox is also normally not covered under OHIP, so if the procedure were to be performed, the patient would likely have to cover the cost themself.  The other important point to consider is the fact that this study did not have long term follow up, so the long term complications of a botox injection was not considered nor was the long term outcome.


Most often conservative management of plantar fasciitis is the first step.  At South Simcoe Physiotherapy that management includes a thorough assessment of your condition including the multitude of other factors that may be contributing to the development of the condition.  We then develop a thorough treatment plan that might include a combination of manual therapy, acupuncture, IMS, exercise prescription, modalities for pain relief and inflammation, and more.


So if you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, please contact our office and have one of our experienced physiotherapists assist you in your timely recovery!


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