Upon completing a course on the Mulligan method a couple of weeks ago, I also had an opportunity to learn from perhaps the best known shoulder specialist in physiotherapy; Lyn Watson.


Lyn is a physiotherapist from Australia where she has the opportunity to work along side some of the best orthopaedic surgeons.  She conducts assessments for these surgeons to help determine if a patient is a surgical candidate, and also provides the rehab for the patients whom are not candidates or who have already had surgery.


Lyn is also involved in research.  She has researched many aspects of physiotherapy for shoulders; much of her research is being used in therapy today.  At her lecture, she provided us with up to date research on multi directional instability and other research that has yet to make it to press.


Perhaps most interestingly, we had the opportunity to watch Lyn assess a patient.  She provided us with a unique assessment, and was able to provide us with a prognosis for the patient who had been dealing with a shoulder issue for several months.  It is always fascinating to learn from someone such as Lyn, and to incorporate some of your newly found skills into your practice.


If your shoulder is bothering you (or any other area for that matter!), come and see one of our highly skilled physiotherapists for your individualized assessment and treatment plan.

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