At South Simcoe Physiotherapy our therapists believe that you should never stop learning.  Our therapists continuing education allows us to treat our patients with the most up to date, evidence-based techniques.  Here is an update on what we’ve been doing to keep busy!

Integrated Dry Needling-

Starting in December, Lindsay and Preya will be pursuing their certification in Integrated Dry Needling (similar to Intramuscular Stimulation/IMS). This technique is effective for treating chronic pain, myofascial pain syndromes, muscle strains, and nerve related pains such as radiculopathies, sciatic pain, thoracic outlet syndrome and more. Dry needling is an effective adjunct to a complete treatment plan in a variety of orthopedic and neurological patients. Lindsay and Preya both look forward to introducing IDN to their practices.

SHIFT Concussion Certification-

Ryan will complete his Shift Concussion Management Certification in November 2016. This certification will allow Ryan to manage concussions using evidence-based best practices. South Simcoe Physiotherapy will be equipped to provide baseline and follow-up neurocognitive testing, manage complex concussions, and perform physical exertion testing and return to play preparation. We look forward to being able to better manage these complex injuries!

Further Orthopedic Credentialing, Pelvic Health and Acupuncture-

Preya is in the midst of challenging the Advanced Diploma in Manual and Manipulative Therapy. Upon successful completion she will receive the prestigious designation of Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapists (FCAMPT).

Meanwhile, Pankil is currently completing his Level 2 upper course through the Orthopedic Division of the CPA with plans to continue through this rather grueling system and work towards his own eventual FCAMPT designation.

Maria has been busy herself. She recently successfully challenged her Level 1 Manual and Manipulative therapy course through the Orthopedic Division as well as her Level 1 course in urinary incontinence through Pelvic Health Solutions. She plans to receive her acupuncture credentialing early in the new-year.

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