As the summer seems to fly by (and not too much sunshine to speak of!), here’s an update of what has been keeping us busy at the clinic:

Lindsay gave birth to a healthy baby girl and is enjoying her time off with her girls and husband. No doubt she is anxiously awaiting her return to patient care (as are we!), which we expect to take place in the middle of October.

Shaveta has fit in seamlessly in Lindsay’s spot. Despite being quite busy, she has her sights set continuing education this fall with anticipated courses in vestibular rehabilitation and becoming a Shift Concussion Provider.

Maria successfully completed her Level 2 Upper Quadrant course through the Orthopaedic Division of the CPA and plans to complete the Lower Quadrant this fall. Her goal is to continue to the long and grueling process of becoming a CAMPT certified physiotherapist.

Preya has been keeping busy hitting the books, while Ryan has started another session of teaching the Advanced level prep course for preparation of the Advanced Level exam in Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy. Concussion rehabilitation through the SHIFT ( protocol has also become quite busy at the clinic.

Finally, we are looking forward to the imminent launch of our new website and logo! It has been over 5 years since the initial construction of these items and we decided that it was time for a small tweak. The new logo is cleaner and more modern, while the website strives to be a new look with enhanced user friendliness especially for those viewing it on mobile devices.

Remember that if you’re looking to rehabilitate from an injury, South Simcoe Physiotherapy offers ONE ON ONE manual therapy, acupuncture, and IMS to get you better faster.

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