Have you been contemplating a New Year’s resolution involving losing weight or perhaps just eating healthier? Why not come in and see our Holistic Nutritionist Chelsea? Chelsea has a variety of strategies to help you determine what foods are right for you and a variety session options (including a free 15 minute consult) to work with both your budget as well as your needs! Here is the latest blog from Chelsea:


1. Bio-individuality- we are all different! Find out what YOUR body needs, and have an individualized plan based on your likes, dislikes, food intolerance, allergies, and lifestyle.⠀

2. Getting to the bottom of the issue- why aren’t you sleeping? Why is your skin breaking out? Why are you tired all the time? Forget about all of the meds and pill popping, get to the root cause and eat your way back to healthy!⠀

3. Inspiration! Umm hello!! It’s like having a food trainer instead of a personal trainer! Motivation and guidance is key!⠀

4. Prevention rather than management of any given disease.⠀

5. Digestion! Get your gut back on track and stop worrying about having to undo that top button ⠀

6. Say goodbye to crash diets – why? Because they don’t work, and they are incredibly limiting. Weight loss, more energy, better sleep, glowing skin, and a healthy state of mind are all side effects of a new healthy lifestyle.⠀

7. Learn about nutrient deficiencies that may be affecting you, and receive proper supplementation advice get you back on track.⠀

8. Have your questions answered! What is Keto? Is coconut oil good or bad? Do my kids need to drink milk? Does fat really make you fat? Will I lose weight on a calorie restrictive diet? There is a lot of questionable information out there, and a new fad every week. Sitting down with a trained and educated nutritionist can help you get the answers you’ve been looking for.

Call us at 705-250-6000 to book your free consultation with Chelsea today!

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