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Why South Simcoe Physiotherapy?

One-on-One Manual Therapy

We believe that the fastest and most effective route to your recovery is by providing one on one hands-on treatment sessions with a registered physiotherapist

Patient centered care

Your goals are our goals. Whether it is returning to sport, returning to work, or being able to work in your garden, we will help you return to the activities that are most important to you.

Evidence based practice

Our therapists remain current with breaking techniques and ensure that the techniques that they use are scientifically proven to restore your function.

Our services

manual and manipulative therapy

Our therapists use a variety of hands-on techniques to both accurately assess and efficiently treat patients. Our specialized training allows for accurate diagnosis and faster recovery. 

ims & idn

Intramuscular stimulation (IMS)  and Integrated Dry Needling (IDN) are forms of dry needlings where an acupuncture needle is inserted into the muscle or near the nerve root in order to restore normal nerve conduction. 

concussion management

Our staff is trained in Concussion management and using the right tools will conduct a thorough assessment to accurately identify your needs to develop a multi-faceted rehabilitation strategy to return you to optimal function.

Registered physiotherapists providing one-on-one manual therapy, IMS, and acupuncture to Alliston, Beeton, Tottenham, New Tecumseth and surrounding areas

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From the Blog

Check our blog regularly for South Simcoe Physiotherapy announcements as well as helpful tips on keeping your body healthy!

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: What is it and what can I do to prevent it?

Do you use your hands a lot for work? Do you feel pain or numbness into your fingers or wrists? Have you heard of carpal tunnel syndrome before or has a co-worker or family friend mentioned they suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome? What exactly is this syndrome and...

Plantar fasciitis is a common cause of heel pain. Physiotherapy treatment can be an essential part of treating this common condition

TMJ dysfunction: What is it and how can my Alliston and Tottenham Physiotherapist Help?

What is temperomandibular joint dysfunction and how can physiotherapy help me?

Falls in Older Adults- Physiotherapy in Alliston and Tottenham

Believe it or not, falls in the older adult population is an important topic in our healthcare system. A fall is defined as an event which results in a person coming to rest inadvertently on the ground or another lower level. It is estimated that between 20-30% of...

Be careful with that shovel! Advice from your local Alliston Physiotherapist!

Look out for your back this winter!  Winter is right around the corner, and with that brings snow. Most people enjoy watching the snowflakes fall during the winter season, but unfortunately don’t like what comes with it – shoveling. Whether we like it or not,...

Kinesiology tape for common injuries- Physiotherapy in Alliston

The use of kinesiology tape for the treatment of pain in both athletes and the general population has become common place.  The often brightly coloured stretchy tape is difficult to miss when fashioned by your favourite basketball player or an Olympic...

The Grouse Grind- Alliston Physiotherapy

This past moth I had the opportunity to fly out to Vancouver and attend an advanced bracing course courtesy of Ossur Canada.  Ossur is a leader in innovation in the orthopaedic bracing world (not to mention prosthetics) and certainly one of my favourite...

Sit up Straight; Does it even matter?

Chances are, at some point in your life, you’ve been told to sit-up straight and that slouching is bad for your back. This saying is rooted in a common belief that adopting the “perfect posture”, typically outlined as sitting up straight with your shoulders and chin...

South Simcoe Physiotherapy- guess our anniversary!

This month South Simcoe Physio is celebrating 10 years of service. It’s been 10 years since we opened our doors here In Alliston and it has been an honour and a pleasure serving New Tecumseth and the surrounding communities. We look forward to many more years and are...

Pre-season/baseline testing for Concussions- Physiotherapy Alliston

Have you or one of your loved one’s ever been unsure if you might have suffered a concussion?  Have you been told that you suffered a concussion but been unsure if you were ready to return to sport safely?  Do you play a sport such as hockey,...

South Simcoe Physiotherapy

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Address: 180 Parsons Rd #8, Alliston, ON L9R 1E8


Phone:  (705) 250-6000

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Registered physiotherapists offering one-on-one manual therapy, IMS, and acupuncture in Alliston, Beeton, Tottenham, New Tecumseth and surrounding areas

Phone: (705) 250-6000

Fax: (705) 250-7000

Email: [email protected]

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