Should I exercise or rest after a concussion? Pearls of wisdom from your Alliston physiotherapist

   If you’ve recently suffered a concussion, you might be confused about when and how to return to exercise. Traditionally, many healthcare professionals have recommended mental and physical rest until concussion symptoms resolve, but unfortunately...

PEACE and LOVE – how to manage acute injuries. Physiotherapy Alliston

Give yourself some PEACE and LOVE… A question I get almost daily is how to best manage an acute injury.   For example, say, you sprain your ankle.  It’s warm, swollen, painful, and difficult to walk on.  So, what do you do next?  Is it best to...

Watch for the gap: rectus diastasis!

The term rectus diastasis refers to the separation of the abdominal muscles (the “6-pack muscle”) away from the midline of the body. Rectus diastasis is common during and after pregnancy, due to the body adapting to the growing baby. Sometimes the separation will...

Prevent your next running injury!

As we head into the doldrums of winter, some of us are starting to ramp up our running in preparation for our next (virtual) event.  Here are some common mistakes that lead to the vast majority of running injuries that I see in the clinic: Increasing your...

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Physiotherapy in Alliston; welcome Divya Sebastian!

We are pleased to announce that Divya Sebastian PT, BPT, Registered Physiotherapist will be joining the team at South Simcoe Physiotherapy this coming Wednesday! For the first time in months we will be operating at full capacity reducing wait times for appointments....

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Alliston’s newest physiotherapist! Welcome Natasha!

We at South Simcoe Physiotherapy are pleased to announce the arrival of Physiotherapy Resident Natasha Amsden! Natasha will be joining our staff on September 25th and will no doubt fit in seamlessly. Her upbeat personality, up to date knowledge, and enthusiasm for the...

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Physiotherapy in Alliston; Summer Time/Construction Time!

For anyone that has been by the clinic recently, you would have noticed the ongoing construction on the outside of the building! Unfortunately, as is often the case, this constructions was met with significant delays which has further inconvenienced our patrons and...

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Full time ortho physio and part time neuro physio wanted!

2 Full-time permanent ortho-physiotherapist positions available! One to start immediately and one to start September 2018. Both are covering maternity-leave caseloads and remaining on permanently We are also looking for a part-time neuro physio to join our team and...

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Physiotherapy Alliston; Concussion symposium 2018

This past week, I had the opportunity to attend “Concussions- the international summit 2018” with my friend and colleague Matt Sanchez ( Although the day led off with the disappointing news that my childhood idol Eric Lindros would not be attending...

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Alliston Physiotherapy; A systems approach to therapy

I recently stumbled upon a book (almost literally) that would normally be outside of my spectrum of reading, but it nonetheless irked my interest enough to take it home. With a increased emphasis on active/healthy living in my own day-to-day life, the book “The...

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