I recently started a formal exercise program with Steve Coons, kinesiologist and owner of Thrive Fitness which shares a common space with us at South Simcoe Physiotherapy.  Beginning this exercise program has been a great experience for me.  I am too early in the program to see any huge physical results, but will say that I do feel better about myself having initiated this program.

The benefits of regular exercise are well documented elsewhere.  Research has shown exercise can improve cardiovascular health, improve bone and joint health, improve concentration, reduce depression and much more.

It appears that many people in Alliston, old and young, have got the exercise “bug”.  It is important, however, to exercise smartly.  I see people on a regular basis whom hurt themselves exercising. It appears that most of these injuries are as a result of poor technique, improper workout schedules (for example training the same muscles on a daily basis), progressing through an exercise program at an inappropriate rate, or focusing on the “beach body” and not working the stability exercises.

In any case the majority of these injuries can be prevented.  With proper instruction from a kinesiologist such as Steve, or another qualified instructor, you can safely begin your exercise program and begin reaping the benefits. And if you hurt yourself, come see be of our skilled physiotherapists!

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