It is well documented that physiotherapy helps with pain and function, but what about depression?


A recent study in JOSPT found that people who received physiotherapy treatment after a work related injury not only had improved pain and functional abilities, but also were less likely to suffer from continued depressive symptoms.  Of equal importance is the fact that these people were more likely to have returned to work and also reported lower pain intensity at 1yr post treatment.


As a physiotherapist it is important to treat all aspects of the individual.  We need to listen to our clients and make sure that we are hearing everything that they are telling us.  It is important to recognize the signs of depression, and if necessary involve other professionals to ensure the patient has the tools to deal with the problems that they are facing.


At South Simcoe Physiotherapy we spend a full 30 minutes of one on one time with each patient.  This allows us not only to treat the patient more effectively, but also gives us the necessary time to listen.  If your therapist doesn’t have the time to listen, they might be missing something!


If you are dealing with any type of injury call and book with one of our skilled therapists today!

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