Have you or one of your loved one’s ever been unsure if you might have suffered a concussion?  Have you been told that you suffered a concussion but been unsure if you were ready to return to sport safely?  Do you play a sport such as hockey, football, soccer, gymnastics or any other sport where concussions are a real risk?  If you answered YES to any of these questions, BASELINE TESTING is likely for you!

What is a preseason or a baseline test?

  • In the context of concussion care, a baseline test is a series of tests that are performed prior to an athlete’s season which evaluates things like balance, coordination, reaction time, cognition and more

Why should I (or my child) have a baseline test done?

  • A baseline test gives us a reliable method of comparing an athlete’s performance on these series of tests to detect if a concussion has taken place
  • These tests also allow us to make informed decisions regarding an athlete’s readiness to return to sport safely if I concussion has taken place

When should I have the baseline test completed?

  • Ideally a baseline test is conducted prior to the start of each season (though if your season has started, it can still be done)
  • Tests are considered valid for one full calendar year, so should be repeated annually

Does insurance cover baseline testing?

  • If you have insurance for physiotherapy, your baseline testing should be covered as it is considered a physiotherapy assessment

Who will conduct my baseline test if I book it with South Simcoe Physiotherapy?

  • Your baseline test will be conducted by a registered physiotherapist

Are baseline tests expensive?

  • Baseline tests are quite inexpensive and the price is even cheaper if we have more than 10 individuals sign up together

What other advantages are there to completing my baseline testing at South Simcoe Physiotherapy?

  • Not all baseline testing is created equal.  At SSP we use the best validated and evidence-based baseline testing available
  • When you complete your baseline test, we will give you access to our concussion APP which allows for seamless communication between your physiotherapist and coach
  • The APP will allow your coach to report a possible concussion to your therapist and your therapist to let the coach know your progress, when you’ve been cleared etc.

If you would like to know any more information about baseline testing or would like to book yourself or your team in for baseline testing, call us today!

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