Now I realize that my last formal blog was also about my running, so if you don’t want to hear
about it again, I apologize!
Running is something that I have become very passionate about, and is a way for me to focus
my energy. What started as I way to try to reduce my slightly elevated blood pressure, has
become my hyperactive version of meditation. Today I completed my first ever half marathon,
so I figure what better time to reflect on the process?

Like most runners, I have had to deal with some injuries which limited my training about a year
ago. First dealing with “runners knee”, which once successfully rehabilitated then turned into a
peroneal tendonosis. Both of these injuries taught me something about proper training
progressions, as well as patience during the recovery process. They also stimulated many
discussions with fellow runners about topics such as proper nutrition, recovery days, active
warm-ups, and more. All of these injuries, as well as these discussions have made me not only
a better runner, but also a better rehabilitation professional. Though I would never intentionally
injure myself, sometimes dealing with these injuries does allow you to better understand what
your patients are going through.

Fortunately, the last 8-9 months have been largely pain free as I have heeded my own advice. I
have trained and completed both a 10km race, and most recently my first ever 1/2 marathon
during that time. I have had an increased focus on active warm ups, adequate protein
intake/refuelling (especially after longer/harder runs), foam rolling (my calves have been the
lucky recipient of this treatment on many occasions), and overall health and well being (an
improved diet and almost no alcohol consumption).

I have always been an “all or nothing” type, and certainly I have gone “all in” on running. This
has led to an all round healthier lifestyle and has improved my mental health, sleep, blood
pressure, and more. I find it fascinating how often times a small, change in ones lifestyle can
have a domino effect, effecting many other aspects. This is certainly the case for me. What
started out as a single narrow focus on increasing my activity levels, has snowballed into many
other lifestyle improvements.

My goals for this year, which started as completing a 10k, which then led to completing a 1/2
marathon, have been completed. I have no intention of quitting or even reducing my running at
this time (in fact, I’ll be back out there for a recovery run tomorrow). At this point, I’m not certain
what my next race will be, but as I approach the tender age of 40 next spring, I do find myself
intrigued by the possibility of competing a marathon. There has also been been talk of
participating in a triathlon relay with 2 close friends (I will complete the run portion). My only
hope is that next year I can complete whatever event it is that I settle on in person.

Without making this sound like an Oscar speech, I’d like to thank everyone who has answered
my questions about running, training, nutrition, etc. I’d also thank everyone who listened to me
talk about my running without rolling their eyes!

If you have any interest in starting a running program, or have already been running and have a
running injury, I’d love to see you at the clinic. We offer running assessments and would love to
be a part of your running journey.

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